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Are you suffering from a mental illness, eating disorder, addiction or similar behavioral problem? Behavioral Health Service provides a comprehensive directory of professionals who provide treatment for substance abuse, mental illness, eating disorders and a wide range of behavioral problems which can make living a normal life a challenge. If you or a loved one needs help, consider seeking the treatment of a behavioral treatment provider today!


Many behavioral health disorders exist which can make living a comfortable or fulfilling life a challenging process. These disorders directly affect the individual who has the disorder and they indirectly affect the friends, family members and loved ones who are involved. Everyone suffers when a disorder such as anxiety, substance abuse, depression or similar conditions are left untreated.

Through comprehensive psychiatric assessment, a psychologist or treatment professional will be able to narrow down the various behavior patterns that are causing disruption in your life and develop a course of treatment that can help. Medications, counseling and therapy, support and education may be provided to help you cope with various behavioral disorders in a manner that will be less disruptive to everyday life.

Multidisciplinary Care

Most of the time, your treatment regimen will consist of a multidisciplinary approach that includes collaborative treatment from a wide range of professionals. High quality mental health care will involve an initial assessment or psychiatric evaluation followed by a multidisciplinary approach to your treatment and recovery. Some of the licensed professionals that you can expect to take part in your care include:

  • psychiatrists
  • psychologists
  • substance abuse counselors
  • behavioral therapists
  • counselors
  • social workers
  • therapists
  • primary care physicians

Together, these professionals will work on coordinating your care in a way that will promote rapid recovery. Behavioral treatment encompasses a wide range of treatment programs including treatment for substance abuse, depression and other psychological disorders, and family problems such as divorce or a death in the family which disrupts everyday lifestyle routines or quality of life.

Services Offered

If you or a loved one needs help overcoming addiction, coping with mental illness, dealing with a divorce or death in the family or with some other situation that is causing disruption to your emotional or physical well-being, consider the treatment options offered by behavioral health specialists today. Various types of programs are designed to provide you with comprehensive care that will help you get your life back on track. Some of the services offered include:

  • outpatient care
  • day programs
  • intensive therapy
  • inpatient care
  • emergency evaluations
  • chemical dependency treatment
  • counseling