Mental Health Treatment

Treatment for mental health

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Treatment for mental health disorders that affect normal living and routines is available in various forms and depends on the individual circumstances of the diagnosis and various other factors. Mental disorders can be disruptive and difficult to cope with causing problems for both the individual and the family members of those involved. Fortunately, a number of mental health treatment programs exist to provide counseling, therapy, medication and support for those suffering from these conditions.


One of the most common methods of treatment for mental disorders is psychotherapy. This method of treatment involves working with a counselor, psychologist or psychiatrist to influence the cognitive thinking and reaction of an individual in a way that helps him or her to function and have improved quality of life. A wide range of psychological techniques may be used in this type of treatment for mental disorders including many behavioral therapies such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Family Therapy.

The primary goal of the psychotherapist is to:

  • help clients benefit from treatment and enjoy improved quality of life
  • establish a trusting relationship with the patient
  • help the patient to learn how to be open, honest and truthful
  • provide unbiased treatment
  • treat the patient with dignity and respect always


A first line of treatment for various mental health conditions is a course of protocol that includes medications. Psychiatric medications such as psychoactive drugs, antidepressants and mood stabilizers can help to restore function and help the patient to feel better. Depending on the type of mental illness that an individual suffers from a number of medications could potentially be used to provide effective treatment.

Most of the time, a doctor will first attempt to provide a medication based approach to treatment for mental illness. Various drugs may be prescribed to help treat the symptoms of mental illness before a doctor will recommend counseling, residential treatment or other methods of care.

Other Treatments

Mental health treatment may also consist of various other methods of care in addition to psychological counseling, therapy and medications. Electroconvulsive Therapy, also known as ECT, is sometimes used in the treatment of mood disorders that do not respond to medications and counseling or therapy. This type of treatment is typically a last resort and only used when other types of therapy do no illicit a response from the individual.

Psychosurgery is another method of treatment that is sometimes used but often reserved as a last resort. This is a form of deep brain stimulation that is not widely used but can work for some disorders.

Various forms of therapy such as art therapy, equine therapy and music therapy are also sometimes used in the treatment of mental illness or substance abuse related problems. Ultimately, the type of treatment or the types of treatment that are used to help an individual overcome mental illness will depend on the illness at hand, the severity of the illness and various other lifestyle and health factors.